Speckaboo – The Perfect Eyewear For All Kids for Outdoor and Indoor Play

I have lost count how many times as we are walking out the door for the school bus, that one or both of my girls are upset over fearing or fretting something they can’t find that they want to bring with them for the day.

Never mind the homework being done in their folders or the snacks all packed to their liking or even the money that I put on their school lunch account as they prefer to buy then bring in with them.

All of those things that are indeed necessary and needed don’t matter, because it is their personal belongings that count so much more in those moments.

On a side note, I am thankful for a bus driver who will wait as they are racing down our short block to the corner to catch the bus, as well as the fact that share goes around for other kids behind us and returns to our corner if god forbid the unspeakable happens and my girls actually miss the bus (we have never, but still nice to know).

But at this point of the year, it is warmer and definitely more summer-like. So, the one personal item my girl was so very upset over was her sunglasses, because she likes having them for recess and the bus ride to and from school home.

Sunglasses are truly something I have instilled in the girls to use, as I have taught them how important their eyes and vision are.

So, I know I should be happy that this was a concern of my daughter that morning, but not going to lie I was more frustrated by the fact that we couldn’t get out the door on time, because of her sudden outburst and desire to find her sunglasses, which she clearly had misplaced at the very worst and last moment possible.

It also should be noted that these sunglasses that both my girls have are absolutely the perfect pair of sunglasses to explore all the world around them and are from Speckaboo.

So in hindsight, I could see why she was indeed so upset to have misplaced her eyewear still though and find out more why I felt this way…