Our Values - Template


Protection & Safety 
We know that being outdoors and under the sun has a ton of benefits for growing children and mamas too, but also recognize the sun’s rays can be harmful. 
We believe in limiting screen time but also acknowledge, us parents need a break every so often. We understand device exposure and blue light can have adverse effects on our children’s developing eyes, and we take that seriously. We want only the best protection for our kids.


Exploration & Learning 

We like to keep our kids protected, comfortable and safe while they set out to discover our colorful world.  We encourage constant wonder, imagination and experimentation through fun activities and play.  We want to be part of your child’s joyful learning environment whether indoors--in front of a tablet, laptop, television, or outdoors--at the beach, by the pool, up in the mountains. We love to be right there with your little loves as they learn a sport or hobby. 


We want our children to transform into whoever they want to be when they put on a pair of our frames. We embrace the uniqueness of each child and have a wide selection of their favorite colors. As your child starts to care about what they wear, Speckaboo will be there to make sure their personality shines, looking good is just a bonus! They can be empowered as a superhero, be influential like a thinker or be entertaining as a performer.