Deluxe Lenses

Designed to completely block the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays, our Deluxe Lenses are made of lightweight, polycarbonate material that is shatterproof, impact & scratch-resistant.  They are built to take on the inevitable scuff and scratch from your child's active lifestyle. 

At Speckaboo, we believe high-quality lenses and eye protection are just as important as sunscreen. 

Most of our frame styles come in a choice of three different lenses: 


Blue Light Filtering Lenses

Help protect your child's eyes by using our blue light glasses to filter those harmful light rays from devices such as TVs, tablets and cellphones. Our blue light glasses come with an added feature of Photochromic lenses that become dark on sun exposure.  These dual-purpose glasses can be worn indoors AND outdoors for UVA/ UVB protection.

Using blue light filtering glasses enables better focus and results in less eye fatigue which translates to better sleep (and less tantrums!) 

Protect your children against adverse effects of blue light exposure such as pink eye, cataracts, blurry vision, headaches, copiopa, keratitis, etc. 

Shop all blue light glasses.


Mirrored Lenses


Our stylish and colorful lenses have a reflective optical coating that doesn’t only look good but is functional as well. They provide extra protection and are extremely effective at blocking and reflecting the sun's rays.

Speckaboo uses layers of anti-reflective coating that keeps too much light getting through lenses. They reduce glare and are useful for extremely sunny days at the beach or poolside. 





Smoke Lenses 


Go with a classic smoke lense that provides ample protection from sun's harsh rays. These simple darkened lenses are less scratch prone and over time, wears very well. Its neutral color highlights our beautiful Speckaboo FlexFrames. Particularly great for children who prefer to blend in and don't like to stand out in the crowd.  These lenses fitted in any style will and match all outfits!