About Speckaboo

Easy Eye Lens Speckaboo is a tribute to the essence of childhood - curiosity and exploration.

Our glasses enable kids to discover their world in style without compromising their safety, which is every parent’s main concern.

We envision kids growing up with Speckaboo, so we grouped our products into age­ and size­-specific collections.

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We're a family-owned company that has been producing top-of-the-line fashion and sports eyewear for decades. The deeper we delved into the industry and the evolving needs of our users, the more we realized how important it is to create top-class eyewear for the littlest members of society: children..

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We then took our expertise and passion for making eyewear for adults, and focused it on making glasses for an even more demanding crowd kids

And so began our brainchild, Speckaboo.

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Made for Kids.

Fashionable eyewear for the young explorers.

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